One Year

With Ashley’s first annual memorial match approaching tomorrow evening I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to review just what we have achieved over the last year as The Godber Foundation.

Hull 10k – Run in Ash’s memory the team completed the course in sweltering heat and hit Ash’s lofty £5000 fundraising target for Cherry Burton Cricket Club an inspired us to continue the great man’s work. We knew that there would forever be a huge void to fill in local cricket but began setting about ways to make things happen.

The Ash’s – Run for the very first time in August 2017 the Ash’s was a huge success for us with over 70 players picking up a bat and walking out to the crease to contest the first Ashley Godber Memorial Trophy. The final came down to two of Ashleys Eponymous

TGF Academy – The Godber Foundation Academy has now delivered sessions to  over 300 pupils across the East Riding of Yorkshire. This has been through a series of sessions alongside Yorkshire County Cricket Club or our own stand alone sessions and is an area we really want to grow the foundation. We aim to create 1000 cricketing opportunities over the next year and hope that you will be able to tak advantage of them yourselves

TGF Dinner – The Godber Foundation Dinner hosted at Lazaats in Cottingham was a real eye opener for our team as to the impact we could potentially have. Seeing 200 people support our work was amazing and something we hope will continue into the future. Without your support and generosity at events like this none of this would have been possible.

TGF Away day – The Godber foundation took a group of 23 cricket lovers of all ages to Trent Bridge for the Family fun day as Nottinghamshire took on Warwickshire in front of a record crowd. The game unfortunately ended in a Nottinghamshire defeat as captain and Godber Foundation ambassador Steven Mullaney and his side struggled in pursuit of Warwickshire’s total of 295.

I want to close this with a thank you from myself and Stew personally for all support over the last year. When we set about trying to continue the work of such a positive lover of the game we could not have anticipated achieving anything like the last year. We would like to extend this thank you to all people who have participated in, supported, donated, and been on hand to help out with the Godber Foundation.

We have a growing team and many of whom often do not get the recognition they deserve so I would like to thank our full 11 (thus far) and all others who may become involved in the future and those that have already declared an interest.

Much love and please if you want support to get through tomorrow which will be a really tough day for everyone please join us at Cherry Burton Cricket Club to celebrate Ash on the pitch.



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